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Destination Wedding Trends - 2019

With the wedding season now in full swing we are loving seeing the trends for 2019 already starting. From personalised cocktails to Fireworks to a full vegan wedding there are many trends that we are in love with! If you are new to wedding planning or looking for some inspirations then this is the perfect post for you.

So lets get started!  Here are our top trends so far in 2019 for a destination wedding:

1. Simple Wedding Dresses

More brides are opting for a simple elegant wedding dress that is comfortable and made to stand in the heat of an overseas wedding rather than a big princess ball gown dress. We are seeing an increase in flowy, light and delicate dresses for beach weddings especially. Throw away the high heels, we are also seeing an increase in barefoot weddings in certain locations which adds a real rustic feel!

2. Unplugged Ceremonies

Couples are opting for an ‘Unplugged’ style wedding, which entails guests not using their phones to take pictures or record during the ceremony, leaving all of the photographs to the hired photographer at the wedding. This allows guests to be at the moment of the wedding and not watch the joyas occasion through a screen which we absoultely love! It has become really popular with couples who want to have a more intimate day with their guests and do not want their wedding annoucement on thier own social media spoiled by others. 

3. Fireworks

We are seeing an increase in our bride & grooms wanting to surprise their guests with fireworks at the reception which is an amazing moment for everyone! Destinations like Greece & Cyprus are highly popular for fireworks over the sea adding a magical element to the day. Along with a firework display couples are also choosing to have stand up flares when they have their first dance or when they enter the recption. These are really beautiful and adds a dramatic effect to the night, they are also stunning for photos. 

4. Live Cooking & Relaxed Dining

Many couples are opting for a more relaxed style wedding breakfast rather than a traditional sit down 3-4 course meals. BBQ, Meze and live food stations are becoming increasingly popular choices! Open bars, cocktail stands and beer buckets are also becoming increasingly popular with wedding parties.

5. Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Weddings

Along with the style of meals we are seeing a massive increase in couples & parties choosing to have speciality menus.Couples are requesting all vegan wedding menus and are becoming noticably interested in having an eco-friendly wedding. Weddings tend to be a huge event for waste in terms of left over food & one use plastic so couples are starting to want a more simple wedding that doesn’t have a massive impact on the enviroment in their chosen location.  

6. Mix Match Bridesmaids dresses & laid back Groomsmen

Weddings Abroad don’t have to be black tie all of the time, especially with hot destiantions we are seeing an increase in laid back gromsmen outfits and a more mixmatched range of bridesmaids dresses! Making sure that their bridesmaids & groomsmen are comfortable throughout the wedding day is a high priority to our couples. . A way we have seen this is groomsmen are wearing shorts & a white button up shirt instead of the traditional full suit! 

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