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Our Top Winter Sun & Snow Wedding Venues

Sep 14, 2023harrietwinter sun wedding, snow wedding

Escape this winter by saying “I Do” with the person you love in a unique location! Whether you are looking for a magical winter wonderland or some glorious winter sun on a pristine sandy beach, we have your dream wedding venue!

Here are our top picks for Winter Sun and Snow weddings:

  1. The Northern Lights Snow Chapel, Lapland

Imagine arriving by reindeer sleigh at the sparkling ice chapel, by the side of the frozen lake, your pathway softly lit by candlelight. This is the ideal location for couples dreaming of a snowy escape for their wedding day!  Exchange your vows at the altar made of intricately carved ice, and seal your lifelong promise with your first kiss.

All-Inclusive Celebration Packages starting from £8,899 for 20 people*

  1. Seychelles, Indian Ocean

The jewel of the Indian Ocean as far as many are concerned. The stunning islands of the Seychelles give you the heavenly winter sun wedding that you dream of! Weddings in the Seychelles can take place on a number of beautiful island beaches, with a stunning backdrop of crystal clear water! 

All-Inclusive Celebration Packages starting from £4,799 for 20 people*

  1. Lappish kota, Lapland

Finnish Lapland has always been considered as a magical wedding destination and if you are looking for something truly different the Lappish Kota offers exactly that! Exchange your vows in the tepee and enjoy the views of the sky and maybe, if you’re lucky, the northern lights through the glass topped Kota.

All-Inclusive Celebration Packages starting from £8,999 for 20 people*

  1. Aruba, Caribbean

Aruba is an amazing location to visit during the UK’s gloomy winter, offering temperatures around 27 degrees and above plus it is out of the hurricane belt! We can arrange your beach wedding in Aruba on one of the lesser known secluded beaches so that you have a more intimate ceremony! 

All-Inclusive Celebration Packages starting from £7,899 for 20 people*

  1. Jameos Del Agua, Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a great winter sun location with temperatures sitting around the early 20’s. The Jameos Del Agua is a popular Lanzarote landmark, set in a volcanic cave with a natural, clear water lake offering stunning scenery and a wedding that you and your guests will remember forever!

All-Inclusive Celebration Packages starting from £15,599 for 30 people*

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