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Can you help with music for our wedding

Can you help with music for our wedding?

We can help you with music, if you wish to have a live band (such as a DJ, steel band, Greek music...). However if you want to bring your favourite tunes along to commemorate your special day please do so as most hotels hire CD players or have access to facilities for i-pods and USB memory sticks – if you have something in particular you must check with us in advance, and we recommend that you take a copy of the song with you. You should always consider your playlist in advance of your arrival, as this may be requested at your pre-wedding meeting, either by your wedding coordinator, or the venue where your wedding is taking place. Also if you are taking music on a CD, please ensure that this is an 'original version' of a CD, not a copy. Perfect Weddings Abroad will not be held responsible for any music that is not available in-resort.