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Can you help with photographs and DVD

Can you help with photographs and DVD?

Many of our packages already include photographs and videos. We have worked closely with our photographers for many years and whilst they work to the highest standards, it is worth bearing in mind that their equipment and facilities may not compare to UK standards. After all the cost of a photography package here in the UK can be more expensive than a whole overseas wedding package!

Generally speaking if photography is included in a wedding package (unless it explicitly states an alternative time period) then it's fair to assume that the photographer will spend up to 1 hour with you in total. Usually this comprises of around 20 mins before your ceremony, 20 mins during your ceremony and 20 mins immediately after your ceremony.

If you require more photos, such as the bride and groom getting ready, sunset photos, or evening reception photos; then this is all possible at an additional charge, which you will agree with the relevant photographer. If a photography package has more than 1 hour set aside for it then it will be clearly displayed in your wedding package as a '3 hour photography package'.

The photography packages are all based on the photographer being in the same place taking all of the photos. So for example if you are marrying in a hotel and then going on to a yacht for a reception, the photographer is booked for up to 1 hour to take photos at the hotel only. If you would like them to take photos onboard the yacht too, then they will be happy to do so, at an additional fee to cover the cost of their time and travel expenses.