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Do all of my guests have to book together

Do all of my guests have to book together?

We don't say that all of your guests must book together at the same time. However, through experience we strongly recommend that you all book your travel arrangements with the same travel agent. Not only is it easier to coordinate all of the arrangements, and deal with the hotel. It can help you get more upgrades and added extras. It also has big advantages when there are external factors, such as weather problems, or airline failures as your travel agent has more control over the bookings and can help sort everyone out. Perfect Weddings Abroad will not take any responsibility for any problems caused by wedding guests being booked through alternative means (other travel agents/tour operators online or on the high street). Some examples encountered in the past include: guests being moved to a hotel on the other side of an island; guests being moved to an alternative airline and arrangements affected by adverse weather conditions.