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Do we have any additional baggage allowance

Do we have any additional baggage allowance for our wedding clothes?

Generally speaking, no unfortunately - airline baggage limits remain the same for wedding couples and are the same as all other travellers. Many airlines stipulate that wedding attire must be carried as part of your hold baggage allowance. A handful of airlines offer a 'free suitcase' for wedding attire; if this is an applicable offer for you it will be mentioned to you at the time of booking. We will check baggage allowance with the airline you will be travelling with. Please note that airlines are forbidden from hanging garments in the cabin as the CAA state that this would impede an emergency exit. For brides who wish to carry their dress onboard the aircraft for piece of mind, why not check out DressInABox.co.uk and buy a wedding dress travel case. Once again the sizes vary and depend on which airline you're flying with, so remember to check this before you travel.