Flight Information

Flight Information

Useful information regarding any flights that you have booked with Perfect Weddings Abroad.

Are my flight times confirmed at the time of booking?

This really depends on how close to departure you have booked with us. Generally speaking, if you have booked your wedding more than 10 months in advance of your wedding date then your flight times will be 'provisional flight timings'. If you have booked your wedding within 10 months before your wedding date then the flight times confirmed on your invoice are usually quite accurate. However, it is worth remembering that all flight timings are subject to change without notice. 

As flight schedules are prepared and changed at various times, you may find that what is showing as a morning flight at the time of booking, becomes an afternoon flight; similarly afternoon flights may be moved to evenings. If you are flying on a ticketless airline it's well worth checking with the airline around 48 hours before your flight to reconfirm the flights.

Please note: Flight time changes are completely beyond our control. You should not book flights on the basis that 'it is a day flight', you should bear in mind that changes happen. Unless there is a change of at least 12 hours from the original timings then this will not be classed as anything other than a minor change and no alternative flights or compensation will be offered by the airline or tour operator.

My flight booking is with a no frills scheduled airline but I may not make my outbound flight, can I have a full refund?

If you have booked with a no frills scheduled flight, such as easyJet, Jet2 or Ryanair; then these tickets are issued at the point of booking and must be paid for in full. Any cancellations will result in a full loss of the full payment made.

I am the bride, what name do I travel in?

You will travel in your maiden name on your outbound flight (before you are married) and on any subsequent flights throughout your holiday, and inbound flight home. You don't need to worry, as the main thing is that the name on your passport that you travel with is the same name that's on your flight tickets. Please also bear this in mind if you are booking a following honeymoon in the weeks or months after your return to the UK from your overseas wedding - it may well be booking these following trips in your maiden name too. This is because it is the name that will still be on your passport, and also in case there are any delays with receiving your marriage certificate which could mean that you will not have any supporting documentation to change your name to apply for a new passport. Please be aware - If you have booked any following trips in your future married name, but your passport is still in your maiden name, it is now no longer accepted by most airlines and immigration officials that you can produce a copy of your marriage certificate as proof of name change.

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