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I have a wedding cake included in my package

I have a wedding cake included in my package, what will it be like?

If you have a wedding cake included in your wedding package, then you can expect it to be a small cake, that is just large enough for you to pose for your photos - 'cutting the cake'; and will not normally feed more than 10 people maximum. The type of cake that's included will be the cultural norm of the country in which you are getting married in; so please expect the cake to be different from what you may expect to have here in the UK. If you would like a cake for 10 people or more, or would like a particular type of cake (sponge, coffee, chocolate etc.) then these can be arranged at an additional charge depending on your requirements. This can often be arranged once you are in-resort. We include wedding cakes in our fully-inclusive Celebration Wedding Packages - in this case, the cake will be large enough for your numbers of wedding guests.

Some hotels, particularly 5* establishments stipulate that for health and safety reasons you must purchase your wedding cake from the hotel, and external cakes may not be brought in to the hotel. Therefore it's advisable for you to consider this and to bear in mind that 5* hotels often charge upwards of £150 for their standard 1-tier wedding cakes.