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I need a Certificate of Non-Impediment (CNI)

I need a Certificate of Non-Impediment (CNI), where do I get this from?

You get your Certificate of Non-Impediment (CNI) from your local registry office here in the UK. This is not required for weddings in all-locations, but if it is required then it will be advised to you at the time of booking (or in your Wedding Confirmation Pack); Austria, Turkey, Iceland and Italy are some examples of locations where Certificates of Non-Impediment are required. The certificates should not be issued more than 'x' number of weeks before your wedding date, this varies depending on location, and again will be confirmed in your Wedding Confirmation Pack. There is conflicting information on internet websites about legal document requirements and when they need to be done; you should ignore all other sources of information and strictly follow what is advised in your Wedding Confirmation Pack by us.