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I would like to get my wedding date printed or engraved

I would like to get my wedding date printed or engraved on something before I travel, is this advisable?

Although we will request your preferred wedding date, and often confirm your wedding date; they are always subject to change without prior notice. Although a rare occurance, when you are marrying overseas there are many factors which come in to play, including hurricanes in the destination, hotels changing ownership, snow and cancelled flights in the UK; and many other unforseen circumstances; which may lead to your wedding date needing to be changed, right up until the last minute. This may even be at your request (for example if you have arrived in resort and your family is in the UK unable to travel due to weather conditions, or an airline failure), in these cases we will do everything we possibly can to rearrange the wedding for an alternative date. 

In some destinations we can also give you a Wedding Time, this is always a provisional time and is subject to change, based on the Registrar or the Hotel/Venue's discretion. We always try, where possible when there is a change of time, to keep the wedding date the same if at all possible.

Changes of wedding dates, or times, are completely beyond our control. Therefore please do not have anything printed or engraved with your wedding date (or time) on until after the event has taken place; this includes but is not limited to rings, save the date cards, invitations, favours and any other wedding-related items. We will not be held liable, or responsible, for anything that you may have had printed or engraved, or given as a gift that has a date printed that is incorrect.