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I'm booking a honeymoon departing from the UK after

I'm booking a honeymoon departing from the UK after we arrive back from our wedding abroad, how soon after our return should we book this?

We recommend that you allow at least 7 working days after your scheduled arrival day back in to the UK before you book to depart on a honeymoon from the UK.

As you are marrying overseas please bear in mind that there are many factors which come in to play, including flight cancellations, delay, changes of dates and inclement weather; which could affect the date of your arrival back in to the UK. Please note that we cannot and will not be held responsible for any other holiday arrangements that are affected due to your travel plans being changed at any stage. This includes any costs or loss of money that you incur, due to not being back in the country in time - this is completely at the risk of the wedding couple.

From past experience we recommend that you book your following honeymoon with the same travel agent that you booked your wedding abroad with. This will help if there are cases in which flights need to be amended as the agent will be able to negotiate with hotels/airlines on your behalf, as well as having the full knowledge and details about all of your arrangements. Better still we recommend booking a twin or multi-centre wedding abroad/honeymoon holiday. So flying on to your honeymoon location directly from the country in which you get married in. Your Weddings Abroad Specialist will be able to help you with this. The main benefit is that usually the holiday/flights are booked on the same reference and therefore if there are issues with weather or other factors you are not putting at risk another holiday, but making amendments to an existing holiday.