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Malta Weddings


Weddings in Malta have become very popular in recent years, as couples look for 'something different'. Couples who are looking to get married in Malta can choose everything from stunning beachside backdrops to elegant castles and private villas. We have an excellent selection of large and small wedding venues on the island of Malta and its sister island Gozo.

Destinations within Easy Reach of the UK

One of the hardest factors when choosing a wedding abroad is the location especially when you are trying to consider all your guests. Many people often choose to get married in Europe due to it's easy accessbility from UK airports and short flights time especially when there are children and elderly guests attending. With this in mind, here are our top choices for destinations that are within easy reach of the UK:


Getting Married in Malta

Are looking at getting married in Malta? Our award winning wedding specialists can certainly point you in the right direction to help find your perfect wedding venue. 

Malta and Gozo make the perfect destination for any honeymoon, wedding or romantic break. Right in the heart of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, the stunning islands of Malta and Gozo overflow with culture, natural beauty and charm. Crystal clear waters, white beaches and over 300 days of sunshine each year, make this a world-class destination, perfect for your wedding abroad.

Destinations under 4 hours from the UK

It's often difficult to decide on a location for a wedding abroad when you are trying to consider all your guests, especially if you have elderly guests coming. Here's our guide to weddings abroad destinations within 4 hours of the UK: