Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

An important part of any holiday is adequate travel insurance. This page will tell you more information that is relevant to your forthcoming holiday.

Do we need Travel Insurance?

As everybody knows, this is VERY, VERY important and travel insurance should be taken at the time of booking. You should also take out adequate wedding insurance at the time of booking for extra peace of mind, again this is compulsory, and is your responsibility to ensure that it covers your overseas wedding and the premiums cover your items sufficiently. *Note for couples travelling to EU destinations - the E111 Health Card is not sufficient, you must still take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover you and your partner.

Will our insurance cover our guests too?

It depends on the travel and/or wedding insurance policy you have taken out. All our hotels have a basic insurance policy to cover guests in the hotel, however outside the hotel is a different matter. All guests should ensure that they are insured either individually or as a group. Having a travel insurance policy through your bank does not always offer the same benefits as a travel insurance policy that you purchase specifically for a trip. For example if a member of your party is taken ill whilst you're overseas, having two different policies may mean that you're not covered to stay and look after the ill party member.

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