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Belvedere Castle

New York, USA, North America

Belvedere Castle-Central Park Weddings

Belvedere provides the best and highest views of the Park and its cityscape. It’s fitting, considering its name translates to "beautiful view" in Italian.

Central Park Weddings are by far the most popular wedding location in New York city. It's easy to see why when you think about the number of movies and songs that feature the wedding locations located in Central Park, New York.

With over 843 acres, Central Park is our most popular wedding venue due to its variety of places to get married and great photo opportunities, throughout the park. There are some fabulous outdoor venues, whether you're considering a spring or summer wedding in the city, or perhaps a winter wedding, with the added magical possibility of snow!

Wedding Times
Weddings are performed Monday to Thursday, 10am - 4pm.

Location Details
Belveder Castle is a spectaular site in Central Park. Belvedere Castle is located in mid park at 79th Street and offers amazing views of Central Park.

Wedding Receptions
We are happy to make enquires for you and make restaurant recomendations to all couples booking a Confetti, Romance or Cherish package.

Rainback up
We can offer a rain back up at an additional cost or we can perform it in a sheltered area within the Castle.

We feel it's vital to have a park permit, this ensures that you can hold your wedding ceremony at the location that you have chosen at a definite time.  We now include a Park Permit in all of our wedding packages.

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