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Central Park Weddings are by far the most popular wedding location in New York city. It's easy to see why when you think about the number of movies and songs that feature the wedding locations located in Central Park, New York. 

With over 843 acres, Central Park is our most popular wedding venue due to its variety of places to get married and great photo opportunities, throughout the park. There are some fabulous outdoor venues, whether you're considering a spring or summer wedding in the city, or perhaps a winter wedding, with the added magical possibility of snow!

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Some of our favorite wedding locations in Central Park, New York are:-

Bow Bridge
A 10 minute walk from 74th Street and Central Park West side. It spans 87 feet of lake and is a classic green - gothic looking bridge and is one of the most magnificent in Central Park. Bow Bridge provides a vast scenic view of the skylines along 5th Avenue and Central Park West.

Ladies Pavilion
A 5 minute walk from 76th Street on Central Park West side .This Vintage cast Iron Structure overlooks a lake. Nestled in a quieter area of Central Park, the Ladies Pavilion is an ideal location for a small and intimate wedding. It has spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline.

Strawberry Fields
Always a popular choice with music fans, particularly those Brits who love the Beatles.

Bethesda Fountain

Bethesda Fountain in one of the oldest structures in the heart of Central Park. With two grand staicases and views of the lake and the park, this is a very popular venue. In one of the busier areas of the park, this is not a venue for those wanting privacy. 

Belvedere Castle

Provides stunning views and is a wonderful venue for a wedding. The ceremony takes place at the Gazebo with the opportunity to create beautiful photographs of your special day around the castle.

Shakespeare Gardens

Situated in West Central Park and is one of the park's most famous garden. The gardens are full of plants associated with Shakespere and quotations on brass plaques throughout.

Getting married in New York could not be easier, here is a guideline to the legal documents required:

All British Passport Holders must:  

  • Provide passports for Bride and Groom (expiry date must be more than 6 months after your wedding)
  • Apply for the Marriage Licence in person at the City Hall (this currently costs $35 and must be paid by Money Order or Credit Card)
  • Complete an Affidavit confirming single status and personal details.

Additional information required if:

  • Divorced – You may be asked for the Original Divorce Decree for each marriage (must bear the official Court stamp)
  • Widowed – You may be asked for the Original Marriage Certificate and Original Death Certificate for previous Spouce


Once issued, the marriage licence is valid for 60 days and your wedding ceremony can take place 24 hours after date/time of issue.   Please allow adequate time in New York to apply for your Marriage Licence (during City Hall opening hours) before your marriage can take place one day later.

If you are not a British Passport Holder then additional documentation and translations may be required depending upon your nationality.  Please call our Concierge Team to discuss your individual requirements.

Our Legal Document Checking Team will check and confirm that your documents are in order before you travel, however it is the couple's responsibility to ensure that they have all of the correct paperwork.  Our wedding packages do not include any legal documentation costs.

When travelling to New York you must take all of your original documentation with you as scans or photocopies are not accepted.

* Legal document guidelines are subject to change without notice, our legal team will provide you with the most up to date information at the time of booking.

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