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The Fortress

Sri Lanka Island, Sri Lanka, Indian Ocean

The Fortress is sophisticated, luxurious and right on the beach, with an opulent mix of Dutch and Portuguese culture embedded in all corners of the resort. 

Close to the fortified city of Galle, The Fortress echoes the city's resilient architecture with immense gates, imposing walls and an all-embracing courtyard. The courtyard is the focal point of the resort, with many people enjoying the beautiful gardens found within. Here you'll also find the spa, known for it's range of Ayurvedic treatments and water therapies. The place lifts you up with it's cooler breeze and enthralling atmophere.

With spacious rooms and some with your own private plunge pool, this resort sure will make you feel self-contained. A magnificent place to get married at, surrounded by it's unspoiled nature embraced with luxury and chic, just by the golden beaches. A little heaven on it's own, the fortress will always be a place you will remember and cherish. Popular for Destination weddings, this place will truly be a most memorable one for you.

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