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Sorrento Beach

Amalfi Coast, Italy, Europe Sun

A sun-set ceremony and reception on the beautiful beach...

The Sorrento Beach Wedding is a stunning option if you are looking for a sandy beach wedding in Meta Di Sorrento, Italy! The ceremony will take place on a volcanic sandy beach, between the waves of the sea and the burning sand.  After you are pronounced husband and wife, you will move to the beach restaurant terrace close by, where you can watch the sun setting and the enchanted atmosphere of the starry night, followed by an unforgettable party on the beach.  A beautiful romantic place for your magic dream wedding! 



  • Located just 5kms outside Sorrento in the village of Meta di Sorrento.
  • 'Sand in between the toes' wedding venue!
  • Perfect for large groups, minimum of 50 people
  • Amazing Sunset Ceremony

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