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Venetsanos Winery

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Winery Wedding with stunning panoramic sea views....

Venetsanos Winery has been transformed in order to host the most exclusive events and weddings on the island of Santorini. This beautiful venue is located right above the port of Athinios, overlooking the magnificent caldera of Santorini. The backdrop to you ceremony and wedding photos will be truly magical! The Venetsanos family has a very long tradition in producing wine and this ancient vineyard is a perfect setting for your wedding in Santorini!



There are two areas available for hiring:

The Main Hall (internal area) where the wine tours and wine tastings are taking place daily, until the sunset. The capacity of this area is up to 60 seated guests in round tables, 80 seated guests in theatre style (chairs only), or up to 46 seated guests in one long table. The Main Hall leads to a beautiful terrace (external area) with a palm tree, overlooking the caldera. The capacity of the Main Hall Terrace is up to 60 seated guests in round tables or 60 seated guests in theatre style (chairs only). The Main Hall is available for hiring from 19.00. The Upper Terrace, which is a beautiful terrace of 250 sq.m, overlooking the caldera. An open air reception-dining area, to host your ceremony, standing reception, private dinner and other events. This area is accessible directly from our parking space and is available for hiring throughout the day. The maximum capacity of seated guests is 120 persons in round tables, 150 persons in a standing reception or 120 persons in theatre style (chairs only).


  • Beautiful views over looking the Caldera
  • The most exclusive events and weddings on the island
  • An open air reception-dining area
  • Perfect for large groups

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