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Villa La Ferdinanda

Tuscany, Italy, Europe Sun

Stunning Tuscan Countryside Wedding....

The Villa La Ferdinanda in Tuscany is a truly beautiful option for your wedding! The villa was built in 1596 and radiates history & culture, along with the building you also get to admire the panoramic views of the Tuscan countryside. In the summer the views will take your breathaway and will be the perfect backdrop to the most romantic day of your life. The villa is located in the heart of Tuscany, offering the perfect location for your wedding abroad. Its dream atmosphere makes weddings a magical experience where you and your guests can totally relax. No matter what you imagine for your wedding, Villa “La Ferdinanda” is the ideal setting for fulfilling your dream: splendid, majestic and deep in the enchanting Tuscan countryside from the a symbolic ceremony wedding to a formal civil wedding in the garden. 


  • Panoramic Views
  • Beautiful Garden Setting
  • A truly fairy-tale wedding venue
  • Ideal for large groups!

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