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The Warwick Fiji

Fijian Islands, Fiji, The Pacific

Weddings at The Warwick Fiji...

The Warwick Fiji is far enough from the daily hustle and bustle and close enough to still keep in touch.

What memories will guests take home from their visit? Perhaps it will be the memory of the most extraordinary tennis game of their life or tying the knot with their soul mate against a spectacular setting sun. Maybe it will be the time spent with family enjoying the many marvels of The Warwick Fiji, or perhaps the guest will have hosted a business meeting so epic that it earns rave reviews. 

Deeply entwined with the beauty and hospitality of the Coral Coast, The Warwick Fiji welcomes guests to come make a little history of their own. Stretching over 28 lushly landscaped acres, the elegantly crafted luxury resort provides a rich palette of experiences to suit every occasion-whether business, romance, relaxation or carefree family fun. From dawn's first blush to the tangerine streaks of the Coral Coast sunsets, each day at The Warwick is awash in endless possibilities.

The amenities available at The Warwick Fiji have set the standard among luxury Fijian beachfront resorts. From the unparalleled private-island dining of the Wicked Walu restaurant to the dream-come-true wedding and event space, The Warwick Fiji strives to leave no need unfulfilled. Not to mention the thoughtful accommodations one expects from a world-class hotel: wireless Internet, swimming pools, on-site recreation, airport shuttle, babysitting service and a supervised Kids’ Club. 

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