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A unique destination full of outstanding history and spectacular landscapes...

Discover remarkable history, outstanding landscapes and beautiful scenery in Poland. A destination with so much to offer and home to an abudance of spectacular castles and palaces which are perfect for your dream wedding abroad!

With its picturesque old towns and medieval architecture, wild forests and powdery-sand beaches, humming city life and imaginative culinary scene, Poland is a country that's as captivating as it is surprising. 

Mountains clad in lush vegetation in summer and swathed in snow in the winter, tumbling rivers that carve their way through thick forests, and the dreamy Baltic Sea…Poland has all bases covered when it comes to the great outdoors.

Manowce Palace is a historic property uniquely located in northwestern Poland, surrounded by boundless woods, far from residential areas and set right on the shore of a large bay next to the Baltic Sea.