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Will there be other weddings going on at the same time

Will there be other weddings going on at the same time as mine?

This will depend on the location or the hotel that you have booked. It's fair to expect that at busy times in certain locations there are many weddings taking place (eg May, June, September & October for Cyprus, January for Lapland/Iceland, December through to March for Austria; and so on).

Some hotels offer a 'one wedding per day' policy, which will mean that your wedding will be the only one taking place on that day. Sometimes this will be the actual wedding ceremony and reception venue that you have booked (ie the hotel may have weddings taking place in other areas around the resort), or it may mean that your wedding is the only one taking place in the whole resort on that day. Please bear in mind that although the hotels in this case try their very best to ensure this policy is upheld, there are extreme cases where the one wedding per day may not be possible - for example Valentines Day, or if resorts have been affected by hurricanes/snow/bad weather; airline/tour operator failures and other reasons. It may be that the resort has no choice but to move other wedding couples wedding days to accommodate them and to ensure they can still get married during their holiday as planned. Also the other thing to bear in mind is that although the hotel may only have one wedding ceremony taking place in their property on that day, there may be other wedding receptions being hosted there; or there may be couples marrying in 'out of hotel' locations; that may be mingling in the hotel areas, which is beyond the hotel's control.

We have a strict company policy that if a hotel is doing too many weddings, and becoming 'a wedding factory' as some people have described them then we will remove them from our website, so for this reason we rely on the experience and feedback from our customers, as well as our UK and overseas team.