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Wedding Tips FAQs

Hints, Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we have built up a huge array of hints, tips and our most frequently asked questions for you to benefit from. We are always adding to this list, so make sure you check back regularly for any updates to help you with your plans.

We are trying to keep our wedding a secret do we need to advise you?

Will you announce our wedding anywhere?

Where does the wedding ceremony take place?

Can I choose the time of my ceremony?

Who will perform our ceremony?

What day of the week will our wedding take place?

Can I get married on a weekend?

What should we wear for our wedding?

Do we have any additional baggage allowance for our wedding clothes?

Are hair and beauty services available?

Can you help with our wedding flowers?

Can you help with music for our wedding?

Can you help with photographs and DVD?

Can you provide me with details of a special insurance policy that will cover my wedding?

Are they any in-resort fees that I have pay?

Do you have an order of service?

Do you have sample vows?

Can readings be incorporated in to my ceremony?

Will my ceremony be conducted in English?

I would like to get my wedding date printed or engraved on something before I travel, is this advisable?

I have a wedding cake included in my package, what will it be like?

Can I see photos of other weddings, flowers, cakes, favours etc that couples have had when they've got married abroad?

What footwear do you recommend for my wedding day?

Will there be other weddings going on at the same time as mine?

I'm booking a UK wedding reception for my return to the UK, how soon after my planned arrival time back to the UK should I book my reception for?

I'm booking a honeymoon departing from the UK after we arrive back from our wedding abroad, how soon after our return should we book this?

Can we have our wedding outfits pressed?

What about the sun?